Here are 5 handy tips to beat stress in your life. Stress can get to us all sometimes, and often it’s the simple and overlooked things that prove most effective….

We all have stress in our daily lives but it’s how we cope with it that matters. Sometimes things can feel like it’s all just too much and we struggle to manage our emotional needs as we usually would. So here is 5 tips to help you beat your stress and help deal with stressful events.

1: Try to indentify the reasons behind your stress; is it certain people, your working hours or getting on the bus etc….Also take notice of how you deal with the stress and how you currently cope with the situation. It’s important to remember that you can’t control all of these factors but the one thing you can control is how you deal with them.

3: Time management: managing your time effectively and learning to say ‘no’ if you feel you have already too much on your plate. You should ensure you have time everyday for yourself to relax or do an activity that you enjoy. Many of us do not make the time for ourselves but it’s so important to help beat that stress, even if it’s only 20mins a day.

4: Looking after yourself can help beat stress, trying to eat healthy and keep active even if you just take a slow walk around the block. Also by getting enough sleep and obviously this may be difficult during stressful situations but the better you sleep the easier you will be able to deal with difficult situations without feeling exhausted.

5: Having a support network of friends and family I feel is so important. Having people to sometimes just listen or help out when things get tough. If you do not have a solid support network then you may find writing down your thoughts in a diary helpful or joining a social group.