This article is designed to help people who feel that they are ready to stop smoking. We’ll explore 5 tell-tale signs that you are ready to kick the habit.

1: A first sign that you are ready is when you realise that smoking is taking control of your life and you can’t seem to function without smoking. It may be interfering with work as you are taking extra breaks or time out from social events to stand outside in the cold. You are constantly thinking about smoking and if you have enough to last till the morning.

2: Another sign that you may be ready is having a good reason to stop: health, wanting to start a family or general fitness. You need to understand that the benefits of quitting outweigh any benefits of smoking. Wanting to stop for yourself is important, not because other people want you to. If you do not have strong reason that is your own it is unlikely you will succeed.

3: Finding the right time to quit is important and planning ahead will help reduce your stress levels. Choosing to stop just before you move house, exams or going through a divorce would also make it much harder. It’s best to have a date in mind where things are not hectic and you are in a calm environment. This will allow you time to plan and decide which treatment option you will use.

4: I feel also that you mental health plays a big part too, making sure you are mentally ready and have as much support around you as possible from friends/family. Quitting can be difficult so it’s important to have as much support as possible and a list of things you can do that will help reduce cravings when the time comes, you should keep the list somewhere visible like the fridge or mirror.

5: A sure sign of being ready is having thought about quitting several times and explored all the treatment options available to use. There are many different methods and some will suit many but not others. Some of the treatment options are as follows: Nicotine Replacement Therapy, Drug therapy, Will power alone, vapour cigarettes, self help books or my personal favourite Hypnosis.

Hi my name is Kim and thank you for taking the time to read my article. I am a local Hypnotherapist and Counsellor with over 5 years experience of helping people explore their options and achieve their goals. I have experience of working in the NHS and through private practice to help people quit smoking.  If you wish to talk to me about quitting smoking you can find my details at: