Here are 10 quick tips to help to quit smoking.

1: Set a quit date. This is helpful as it gives you time to mentally prepare yourself and set a firm plan of action in place.

2: Get as much support as possible, talk to people and inform family and friends so they can help and encourage you to beat the habit.

3: Make a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking and keep this list with you-so if your motivation dips slightly you can consult your list and get a ‘motivation boost.’

4: Before your quit date, keep a diary of triggers. Write down each time you smoke and why you are smoking-are you stressed? Angry? Bored? This will help you to see what your triggers are and armed with this you can plan to avoid these triggers and develop a coping strategy in advance.

5: Keep away from temptation, just before your quit date get rid of anything smoking related etc- ashtrays, tobacco, lighters etc. Do not keep any cigarettes/roll ups in the home at all after your quit date. If family members smoke, ask them to keep their smoking paraphernalia out of your sight and not out in the open.

6: Each day think of a new affirmation (positive thing) such as “I am now a non-smoker” and “I am getting healthier and happier day by day.” Repeat the mantra “I am healthy and happy” to yourself 10 times a day or when your motivation is slipping to keep you motivated and upbeat.

7: Remember you may have the odd bad day and this is perfectly normal try to persevere. Keep your- self busy and remember that cravings usually last on average 3 mins (although I am sure it sometimes seems much longer.) Use your reasons list (tip 3) to help overcome the urges.

8: Don’t give in: if at first you don’t succeed-keep trying! We are all different and find different things work for us. If you have not managed to quit smoking this time, learn from it and perhaps try a different approach or do something a little differently.

9: As part of your quit date (tip 1) preparation, keep healthy snacks handy at home and work. Smoking suppresses your appetite so don’t be surprised to find yourself eating more while you become a non-smoker. Go with it but try to eat healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up and prevent weight gain.

10: Each day spend at least 10 mins relaxing and re-energising. It’s a healthy routine to get into and means that your general well- being will improve.

Remember to treat yourself too to help make the rewards more obvious. How about using the money you save going to the cinema or save up for a holiday?